Colombia, An Adventurer’s Paradise

If you ever considered a trip to Colombia, go. This is definitely one of my favorite destinations. But with travel warnings and a bad publicity wrap, many people are wary about setting foot into what was once a country in political chaos tainted by the drug trade. Colombia is now probably the safest it’s ever…

Travel on the Cheap

These are the unforgettable experiences. And they weren’t expensive. The best adventures never are.

Letter from the Editor

My final words as EIC of the UT yearbook. It’s relieving to be done but hard to say good-bye.

The City of the Violet Crown

I saw people being cut up on operating tables. Watched patients screaming in the dilapidated ER. And I think I even (kind of maybe) fell in love here.

A letter to America

Because Trump did not “win” his position. The American people gave it to him. And that is what gives me chills.


I ponder these things as I sit at the kitchen table at 5 in the morning. I should really try to sleep. A part of me is happy to be home. But a part of me also wants to stay on French time. Because I left that part of me in France.

A Few Pointers for the Adventurous

I was sore, sleepy, uncomfortable, out of my comfort zone, sunburned, sun-tanned, bitten, stung drained. But somehow, at the end of the day, I always found myself smiling. Adventure is worth it. Embrace it.