To the man who called me a dumb cunt

To the man who called me a “dumb cunt,” while we were talking about politics. You called me a “dirty slut.” A “know it all college kid from a zip code that doesn’t matter.”

As a woman, I’ve been called a cunt and a slut before. I’ve met self-righteous men like you a thousand times. But what really got me upset was when you said “Raven Cortright likes big black dick up the cave of her asshole.”

I don’t like to talk or write much about politics. This won’t be a huge political spiel. But I do have a lot of questions.

First of all, I understand that this race is sensitive and heated. But whatever happened to common decency? The point of politics is to bring up hot topics. But why does that mean you have to attack someone with a different viewpoint? It shouldn’t be “us” against “them”. Democrats against republicans. Blacks against whites. Women against men. We all want what’s best for our country. Why is it so hard to be decent human beings when discussing politics?

This race has really made me think about our values as a country. It’s brought up a lot of dirt that was building up under the surface of our “melting pot” culture. It’s revealed the racism, the fear, the hate, the sexism that has been overlooked for so long.

Yes, I support the Democratic Party. But I am not writing this article to analyze my political views. I am writing because you believed that I, a 20-year old woman, should have no part in my country’s politics. That I am not important or educated enough to possibly understand the complexities of our government because I am a young woman from a Texas zip code. I have a lot of questions. Questions that I find myself asking when someone like you makes sexually explicit insults just because I support Hillary Clinton.

When talking to my male friends about the election, they always roll their eyes when I say I’m voting for Clinton. I always give the same spiel: she’s pro choice, acknowledges climate change, promotes clean energy, promotes progressive immigration reform, yaddah yaddah. But if I throw in the “Plus she’s a woman and I’m ready for a female president,” I only get eye rolls in return.

You’re the reason I want a female president.

Yes, I want a female president. Why can’t that be a factor? Why can’t the fact that women have been subjugated for centuries and are finally having the chance to live in the white house, not as a first lady, but as a commander in chief be a reason? I think it’s a beautiful thing to support someone as a symbol of progress. I supported Obama because I agreed with his ideals and I wanted to see America have its first black president. America is a role model country. We should be supporting Hispanics, women, minorities.

Why are people always telling me women’s progress shouldn’t be a factor? We get cat-called every day. We make 75 cents to the dollar. When I was in Morocco, the hostel-owner argued with me that women did not deserve more rights in North Africa. We were the last to gain the right to vote. Women have a lot to fight for still, not just in America. In other countries, women have it way worse than here. We should be setting an example. As a woman, I’ve had to struggle with so much that most men will never know or understand. All women do. And nothing sums up that struggle more clearly than being called a “dumb cunt” and a “dirty slut” for having a political opinion.

Not everyone sees how far we are from gender equality. Men like you especially don’t understand because you are the problem. You don’t see when strange Italian men follow me to my hostel when I am alone at night in Cinque Terre. You don’t see when I work part-time in high school and my boss tells me I am only there as a pretty face. You don’t see when girls are getting drugged at frat parties, or are always on the edge of their seats worried that someone is going to slip something into their cups. That in India, there is an unbalanced population that favors males because some parents abort females. That under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia, women are considered minors under their male guardians. You don’t see that Ozgecan Aslan was murdered for attempting to resist rape in Turkey. You don’t see because you are part of the problem.

The world has a long way to go. Certainly the U.S. is far from perfect. But there are problems all over the world. America is a role model and I will support the candidate that will set an example. I might not be as old as you. I might have less testosterone than you. But I know my opinions are valid.

I refuse to support Trump; someone that sees women as objects, or believes a wall should be built around our country. Half of my family emigrated from Mexico. The other half comes from a line of Spanish and European immigrants. I cannot support someone like Trump, who claims that all illegal immigrants are drug dealers, rapists, or criminals. My family does not sell drugs. We are not rapists or criminals. My family is hard working and they want the best for their children. What happened to the value in our “melting pot?” How can we find justice in building a wall around the country that should serve as a refuge for so many? I don’t claim to have answers and I’m not trying to convince anyone to vote one way or the other. I am just saddened, sick, and tired of all the terrible things I’ve been hearing and seeing.


I could go on but I will stop. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I love this country. I love that it is free. Freedom is not one-sided, however, and you are also entitled to say what you want. I will not tell you that your opinion is wrong, but I will tell you that you don’t know me. You don’t know that my parents work over 70 hours a week. That my best friend from Mexico has worked for years to obtain the right paperwork to be able to go to school and work in the United States. That I am the editor in chief of the UT yearbook. That I received a full ride to UT Austin to study neuroscience. That I could talk for hours about Aldol condensations or basal ganglia pathways.

But I am clearly not smart. Thank you for reminding me that I clearly have no right to have opinions on my country or this election. Because I am nothing but a dumb cunt and an ugly slut.





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