A Country of Contradiction

Navigating the confusing maze of French cultural norms


Football Fever

The American football scene can’t touch the liveliness of European football.

When in Paris, run. When in Switzerland, rock climb.

Sweat ran down my flushed face and I ignored the curious stares as I ran down the waterfront of La Giudecca Island. People ate at the round tables facing Venice, talking amongst themselves as waiters carried plates of food. A little self conscious, I darted quickly down the crowded spaces, trying to avoid the incredulous…

Home away from home

Every time I respond to Mireille’s questions or talk about politics with Robert, I realize that I am no longer learning vocabulary from a textbook or watching a video on the French lifestyle. I am a part of their lives and a part of their culture.

It’s different for girls

It was late in the afternoon and I had just returned from an 11 mile hiking trip across Cinque Terre. Before heading back to the hostel apartment, I stopped by the building owner’s place to use the free wifi, a rare commodity in Cinque Terre. I noticed the man that cleaned my apartment was there…